Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Happy September!

Can it really be here already? I am a little sad to see the Summer come to an end - feeling like we were crazy busy for awhile, while at the same time feeling like we didn't do enough "fun" things. You all know we've been to the zoo a few times (ha ha), but I feel like we need to go to a river for the day or something totally different for us. Hmmm. Maybe I need to plan something FAST! Thinking the Oregon State Fair would be fun this weekend. I have NEVER been to it. Is the weather going to cooperate?? Who knows.

Back to the subject of this post! How easily I get distracted. Geesh. Malia had her "jamboree" for soccer last week. She keeps calling it "Gymboree"........;) - She met her team and couldn't be more thrilled that they are called the "Spongebobs". Great. I'm hoping I can stay enthusiastic for 2 months of evening soccer games with 2 more little ones on the sidelines. I don't **really** enjoy being out in cold weather. I need to buck up and face the fact that this is the first of 18 or so years of practices that I will probably be going to. Okay, that is sounding grouchy. I think I need my afternoon cup of coffee.

Here are a few pictures from the jamboree practice. Hoping this shirt will shrink A TON.
Here's Ella enjoying the field...and the contents of my purse!

Off to locate my coffee cup.......................


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Alison said...

Linda you have to let us know when there is a game this fall!! We want to come!!

Cousin Alison :)