Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Our Day in Pictures

Well, not the whole day, but a little snippet of it anyway! :)

Thanks to my Sister for having us over for lunch and a trip to the neighborhood park & pool. We had lots of fun! On the way home we scored 2 **free** bookcases from a preschool that was getting new ones. Then we went to Alex's preschool open house. He had fun meeting his new teachers, seeing old ones, and making a bracelet for Dad! :) No, not for Mom........DAD!

Still hoping we will find out about Kindergarten for Malia - we are less than 1 week away. Eeeks! Some info. would be handy.

Anyway, back to a few pictures from today.

Have a great night and enjoy the rest of Summer break...for those of you that still have some left!


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Kandi said...

Looks like a fun day. I'd love to have a pool for the kids (and for me), but it needs to be my own pool or something pretty private. Don't want all the paparazzi trying to take my photo, you know. :)