Friday, August 29, 2008

Remember all That Fabric??

Well......I finally made something with it! I found this cute idea from an Etsy shop called "Little Bit Funky"...and I thought I'd give it a try. Sewing has never been something I have really tried too much. For some reason the sewing machine & terminology intimidated me. I think it all goes back to the "Breads & Threads" class I took in Jr. High. I had to make a 2 piece outfit, and the pattern lingo really didn't click with me. (I'd like to thank my Mom & Aunt Trudy for helping me finish that lovely skirt & top up. :) )Anyway ~ I found I actually am not too scared of the sewing machine anymore. I did have a little mishap with somehow un-assembling the whole "bobbin area", a number of metal pieces popped out and there I sat with a handful of puzzle pieces. Thank God for the internet and online user manuals. I finally reassembled the machine and here is my end result:

I am hoping to make some more in a Christmas theme...and maybe Fall too. :)
(the color in the pictures isn't the greatest - they are much cuter in real life---at least I think so). These were a great gift for my Sister-in-Law!

Well, we are off to the beach for the weekend.
Have a safe & happy Labor Day!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Okay.......I Did It!


Do you remember the end of my last post when I said Ella was still sleeping through the night??? Well, since then she has NOT slept through the night.
I knew it.

I got too sassy......

and this sweet baby:

Has turned into this baby at 4:00am:

Okay, so she doesn't scream her head off...she just wakes up and wants to eat. Last night was a true test of my patience. Malia was up at 2am, Ella at 4am, then Alex a little before 6am.

So.......this is me today:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Pictures - Minus a Few

Where did the sun go? I must say I do kind of like the change in weather. :O) As long as the rain doesn't stay around too long!

The weekend is just about over, and I am ready for a quiet week without any classes or big plans. How boring am I?? We are heading to the beach for Labor Day weekend and have a preschool "open house" so I guess we have some things going on! We didn't have a heck of alot happening this weekend, which was nice. Alex had his last Kindergym class, Malia had her last swim class, we spent Saturday at Grandma Jeaneen's pool, and we did some back to school clothes shopping. UGH. I always thought this would be semi-fun, but no. It really isn't. Malia is only 4 (almost 5)....and she is hard to please. It used to be so much fun to buy clothes **I** like and make the kids wear them. It's not so much fun when they start having opinions. LOL!

Like the title of this post are some of the pictures we took. I completely forgot the camera when we went to the pool. And then today I left the camera's memory card in the dang we have no pictures of swim lessons or the park with the fun water fountains. I'm so mad at myself. I did manage to get some pictures of the kids at home. Malia & Ella just hanging out, and Alex helping Dad mow the lawn & taking a little break on the front steps. (Please excuse the grass growing out of the cracks in the cement - this has not been a strong year for me when it comes to yard work. 2009 is my year!)

Well, that's all I have for tonight. I should be doing something more productive while everyone is asleep. Oh, and by the way.....ELLA IS STILL SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Rock on!

Good night~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Ella Update!!

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer! It sure is slipping away fast. Speaking of time going fast, Baby Ella is now 8 weeks old!! Here are some pictures of her at 6 and a half weeks. Apparently I haven't taken any pictures for a week and a half! GASP! Now I see why the third child (or 4th, 5th, etc) gets the shaft on pictures and baby books. I was always so upset that I never had any pictures of me at the hospital (I was the third child) I understand why. Malia has **TONS** of pictures. I think I have ranted on this before!?!?!? Alzheimer's may be setting in (or possibly lack of sleep).

Ella is smiling like crazy and loves to be talked to. She tries to talk back. It's so much fun for us all. Another great thing.......she has slept through the night the past couple of nights!!! I AM SO HAPPY!! I shouldn't talk about it, because I am probably jinxing myself. :O) That always happens to me. So, no more about that.

On a different note, we had a GARAGE SALE this past weekend. If you live in this area you will remember how EXTREMELY HOT it was this weekend??? As in days of record least 2 over 100 degrees! Ugh. I am thankful it's over. I think we would have had better sales and more customers if it would have been cooler. Oh well, we did make some money, and got rid of junk. I am a little upset with myself for not clearing out more........I just seemed to run out of time. I should be cleaning up our house -- we have "garage sale" aftermath going on. Random things here and there that I just couldn't part with. Now I'm wondering where to put it all. I think that's a sign that I probably should have gotten rid of it!! LOL. I believe I have a "hoarding" problem. I think it's an actual disorder, not sure what it's called. I don't have it bad, just a mild case. I remember hearing a story about a lady that was killed in her home because a huge pile of her own papers and junk fell on her. I'm sure it wasn't funny, but I do find it a little comical...........that may be me someday.

Gotta run......I need to figure out what's for dinner. :)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ballet Anyone?

Where does the time go? I haven't blogged in so long. :) I still have pictures on the camera that need to be moved to the these are from a couple of weeks ago. Malia has been taking classes through Tualatin Hills this summer. This one was her "Pre-Ballet" class that she took with her friend Mia. She made a new friend too, Sophia. This class was called "Pre-Ballet", but there seemed to be very little 'ballet' involved. This was the only ballet class that worked into the schedule this summer. Oh well!

And here is a picture of the little brothers. We were not normally in the classroom (as you can imagine why), but this was the last class, so we had the chance to be the audience. :) The boys had a **really** hard time staying off the dance floor and keeping quiet.
Thank God there was a playground outside. That's where they were all the other weeks.

On another note, we are having a garage sale this weekend. Ugh! I have so many clothes I keep saving "in case". In case I lose weight, in case I go back to work, etc. I can now get rid of the "in case I get pregnant again" clothes......because I know we are done. I have also realized that by the time my body is back down to the pre-pregnancy weight (like before pregnancy #1) all my clothes will probably be out of style (if they aren't already). And that's a big "IF" I ever get to that size again. :) Too bad it's going to be close to 100 degrees this weekend. Who feels like buying clothes when it's that hot?? Malia is excited to sell cold drinks, chips, and cookies.

Well, it's super late and I need to get some sleep. Good night!