Monday, May 28, 2007

Equal Time for Alex

Okay, I didn't want to leave Alex are some recent pictures of him doing what he does best...eating & ......just hanging out!
The first picture was his first time eating spaghetting.
(Riveting news...I know!)


Preschool Fun!

Here are some pictures from Malia's "nature walk" field trip. The last picture is from her school carnival this last friday...and she is having her face painted. She chose a heart.

Field trip pics:
1. (top) Kids watching the release of butterflies they had watched grow from larvae. There are 2 classes here. The lady in the black t-shirt is Teacher Patty (one of Malia's 2 teachers).
2. Malia & her friend Katherine (in pink) watching butterflies.
3. Malia & her friend Quinn on the trail at the end of the nature walk.
4. Face painting at the school carnival

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Etsy Store: Posh Paisley Studio

I did it! I have opened up a "shop" at
The link is I am just getting started and hope to get more things up soon! I am totally addicted to Etsy in general. There is so much great stuff there.
Check it out!
:O) Linda

A Walk to the Park


It's been awhile, but here are some pictures we took at the park last weekend. It's really close to our house, and there is a little "nature path" next to it too. Malia & Rourke rode the "crazy swing" while Alex enjoyed a more relaxing ride. It was a great day!