Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying to Become One with My Sewing Machine

For some of you I'm sure this is pathetic. But, for me, it's a step in the "trying not to be afraid of the sewing machine" direction. I made this potholder for my sister - it was under the gun - before the party at her house last week. It started out a bit bigger, but I had a little issue with layers not being in the right order (ie: batting on the outside when I turned it inside out!). I had to trim off the first batch of stitching and start over.

The ribbon loop is a touch on the big side, but it matched the fabric. I do love these bright fabrics!!

On a different note, if you are in need of Halloween tags or any other paper goods, head on over to my Etsy Shop HERE. :)

Okay, that's all I had to share for now.

Happy Saturday!!!!!

:) Linda

1 comment:

Kandi said...

I think your pot holder came out great Linda! Are you going to mass produce for Crafty Ladies?

I love the new tags you posted in your etsy shop yesterday too! Beautiful work as always!