Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay.........So It's Not Wednesday

I originally thought today was Wednesday......but it was rudely pointed out to me that it's only Tuesday!! :) j/k. Thanks Kandi!! :)

So............Look for a new "wordless Wednesday" post tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look! More Towels. :)

Happy Sunday!

What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be..........I'm sure the weather will be changing soon to the cooler Fall days. I am kind of excited!!

Today we are heading to a pool birthday party for Malia's friend Mia. She's turning 6!! It should be fun. For part of her birthday gift I thought I'd attempt to make her a personalized towel set. It's hard to see in the pictures, but the towels are a pretty pink and really soft!

I'm no pro with the sewing machine, and if you look too close you can see some mistakes (so don't look too close!). Luckily she is only 6. :) She's also getting a kid gift to go along with the towels..........don't worry!

Well, I need to get groceries and head back to Costco. Yesterday we saw some good Christmas toys for the kids that were going fast. Hopefully they are still there.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Update! Ella at 3 Months

Wow! How fast time flies. Baby Ella is now 3 months old. It's so bittersweet. It's fun to see her grow, laugh, "talk", try to figure out what in the heck her hands are....and so much more. But at the same time I get a little sad inside when her 0-3 month clothes no longer fit, or the bouncy chair that used to seem huge, barely holds her anymore. It's probably a little more sad for me this time, because I know THIS IS IT! No more babies.

Here are a few pictures from this past week. I thought the outfit was cute, and it barely fits anymore.........so had to snap a few pictures while the house was quiet and the outfit still fit. :)

Enjoy your day. I'm going to a "big girl" lunch with Mom & my Sister. How exciting to go to a real restaurant with no kids!! Funny how this is such a treat now. Anyone else know what I mean?

:) Linda

p.s. Is this bird a pigeon? It has been showing up now and then on our patio...........I don't know if he's lost or what!? He was here again this morning. Anyone????? Bueller??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something Crafty

Hello & Happy Tuesday!
I thought I'd post something crafty...because I haven't done so in a long time. :) There are so many things I have on my mental "Craft To Do List" and I get so frustrated that there just never seems to be time in the day for it (unless it's 10pm and I am totally tired and in NO way feeling creative). I always think I should be doing a million other things first.......anyone else feel this way?


Here are a few more baby "thank you" cards I made last week. I used "Close To My Heart" textured cardstock and stamped my own patterned paper.

Then I cut up the patterned paper and made it into cards.

I dressed up the front of each card with some layered punched circles and a little picture of Ella with a clear window charm on top.

I am still learning the "art" of making my own patterned paper (aka: random stamping).......there's a fine line between too much and too little. I tend to overdo........so then I try too hard to have restraint.........then it looks too plain. Anyway.........stay tuned for more holiday crafts in the months to come (hopefully!!) I'm doing at least one Holiday/Christmas bazaar so I need to light a fire & get working on some things.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Latest Adventure...........


Well...somewhat. We're trying the "no pressure" route. Somedays are great, somedays not so much. It would be so nice to only have 1 child in diapers!! :)


HAPPY 1st Day of FALL!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Ryan!!

Name: Ryan

Relationship: Nephew

Birthdate: September 18th, 1988

Other: HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!

(Picture was taken at Alex's 2nd birthday party.......hence the Bob the Builder party hat) :)

We are going to a birthday party tonight to celebrate September birthdays! Today is Ryan's 20th, Sept 26th is Kevin's 22nd (wow!) birthday (he's another nephew) and Sept 29th is my brother-in-law Dean's birthday. Should be a fun time. :)

Happy Thursday............the weekend is almost here. :)


Monday, September 15, 2008

A Flash Back to May - A Test

Just testing a video I took on my camera back in May at Malia's preschool. Hopefully there is sound! Her "best friend" is Holly. She's in the green toward the left. Sadly, Holly is going to a different school this year. :(

I was obviously having a hard time holding the camera still. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whew! Weekend Pictures

Hello! Boy am I tired. We had a fun & busy weekend and now I am POOPED! The weather was great so we spent Saturday at Oaks Park and today at Mom's pool. I am not up for a lot of typing tonight, but here are some pictures.

Rourke, Malia & Alex went down the big slide. I thought Alex was scared, but apparently he bumped his mouth on Rourke's shoulder trying to get into place on the blanket at the tippy top of the slide. By the time he got to the bottom his mouth was bleeding like crazy. I thought for sure he had knocked both teeth out. All I could see was a mouthful of blood. Luckily it was just his gums, and his teeth appear to be fine. It was an awful moment, or half hour, and he and I looked like we came from a crime scene by the time it was all over. Of course we both had white shirts on. oor guy. Lesson learned on the big slide.

Rourke also did some serious tree trimming on our 2 big trees out front. He got a bid on Friday and thought it was ridiculous, so he went to Home Depot and rented a tree-trimming device, I call a "chainsaw on a stick". Apparently it weighed like 100 pounds on a 10 foot pole. He had to climb on the roof (2 stories up) and on a ladder (2 stories high), while balancing the "chainsaw on a stick". I'm happy to report he survived without cutting off any arms, legs, part of the house, etc. Unfortunately I failed to take any pictures of the event. I was trying my best to keep the kids in the house!

Enjoy the pictures & good night!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Day of Pre-Kindergarten


The first day of Pre-K finally came this past Monday September 8th. I thought it would never come ;)

She is now going 5 days a week and in the afternoon. We had always had the morning class for preschool, but I thought moving to the afternoon might work better for us. My goal is to have the 2 little ones nap while Malia is at school. So far the plan isn't perfected. I am having a hard time getting Alex OUT of the preschool (there is a little play area right inside the front door), and then getting him right to sleep once we are home has been tough. I end up having to wake him up before I go-go (a little '80s joke), which isn't fun.

So...........something to fine tune for us.

Here are a few pictures from her first day. She is sporting a new "Tinkerbell" backpack (that's almost as big as she is). She also has some almost-matching Tinkerbell shoes (not shown here). I'm not a big fan of character clothes and shoes, but these ones were pretty with just a small picture of Tinkerbell. At first glance you don't even really see her. :)

I'm not sure what was happening here. I think Malia was trying to get Alex to stand by her (a little forcefully as usual) and he wasn't going for it.

Outside our front door.

Here she is saying hi to Teacher Patty. Patty was one of Malia's teacher's for Malia's first year of preschool when she was 3. :)

So far the class is pretty small. We are hoping for more kids soon. Apparently the afternoon class is not the one that people want. The morning class is FULL with 18 on the waiting list. CRAZY!

So.....we are trying to find our new daily schedule. I was hoping to get TONS of things done in the afternoon while Malia is at school and my other 2 are sleeping like angels.....ha ha. So far, not happening. Wish me luck.

Happy Saturday. I think we are heading to Oaks Park today. It is suppose to be beautiful weather. I haven't been for probably 25 years. Or more. Hope it will be full of fun and not drama.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

8 Years Ago...This Hour...

We were getting MARRIED!!!!!

Cutting the cake:

And we're off....Jamaica here we come!!!

I thought a with a wedding date of 9-9-00 Rourke might remember our anniversary. ;) So far, so good. I've gotta run.....we're having Mexican food with the kiddos.

(please excuse the quality of the pictures! I had to scan them in. We didn't have a digital camera way back in 2000!) :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Labor Day Weekend - Road Trip to Pacific City :)

Okay, so it really wasn't a "road trip", but that is about as far as we go these days...to the beach and back. We stayed with my Dad & Jan at their beach house and had a great time! The weather ended up being beautiful - which I didn't think we would get as we drove through rain on the way over. You just never know what you'll get at the beach!

I thought I'd share a few of the "highlights" from the weekend. There was a SUPER low tide on Saturday morning, so we got up, tossed on some clothes and hit the beach! We were is search of whole sand dollars, but didn't end up finding any. Oh well. We did see lots and lots of pelicans, which were really cool. At least for me it was exciting. A nice change from the regular seagulls.

The beach did have these cool craters in it when the tide was out:

I thought this was kind of a neat old painted camper (in the background):

Just the girls went to the beach....but the boys joined us a little while later:

Here is a "sand castle" the kids built and decorated (and my dad's foot in the background):

We did a little kite flying:

I love this picture of Malia trying to make sure Alex was looking at the camera:
(such a sweet big sister - ha ha)

We rented a movie for the kids, made some "Jiffy Pop" and they had a grand old time in their own room, with their own t.v., and overflowing bowls of popcorn!

A sweet picture of Ella and Rourke :)
Doesn't she look so grown up? :(

Hope you all had a great LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Babies, Father's Day & Birthdays!

Happy September!
Well, here it is September 4th and not too much is happening. Malia doesn't start Pre-K until next Monday - so this is just a "free" week for us. I really need to sort clothes and get her closet & dresser ready for Fall. Ugh.

You are probably wondering...Father's Day? Well, last week we had a family get together to celebrate a VERY belated Father's Day for my Dad. Ella was born near Father's Day and things were busy. No one's schedule seemed to really coordinate until just recently (sorry Dad!!). So......we celebrated Father's Day with a Mexican buffet, chips & homemade mango salsa & guacamole, fresh fruit with for desert, ice cream, apple crisp and delicious chocolate covered chocolate chip bar cookies. YUM! We also celebrated (my sister-in-law) Janna's birthday (which was in July).....but Janna wasn't able to come. (sorry Janna!). And it was my Niece Toni's birthday THAT DAY....but she was back at college in Idaho. Isn't that ironic? Bad planning I guess. :( HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALS!

Here is Dad:

Here are my nephew Ryan and niece Kelli playing with Alex:

And....it was the first time that Baby Ella & Baby Carson met. Carson is my niece Kim & her husband Brandon's little boy. He was born at the end of May. Ella and Brandon are almost a month apart. It's so fun to have another baby in the family. If Kim & Ella are cousins, then I think Ella & Carson are "first cousins once removed"??!!?? Does anyone know for sure? I get confused on second cousins and the removed cousins. :) It was fun to see them together.

Here is my Stepmom Janet (left) holding Ella, and my Mom, Jeaneen (right), holding Carson. Aren't they cute? Funny thing is, both my Mom & Stepmom have identical twin sisters!

And one last picture of Kim & Carson, my brother Bryon & Niece Tara. These are his daughters & grandson.

Well, that's all for today. I need to get going. I have a ton of things to do and 3 kids to take care of ;). I think we are all getting the start of a cold. I haven't felt like doing anything these past couple of nights - when I have "mom time".

Have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How Fast Are You??

67 words