Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Boy Who Needs A Haircut

I have been dragging my feet.....but Alex really needs his first haircut. Right now he has kind of a 'comb over' going on. I'm just afraid I'm going to screw it up, but it's really only couple of snips...right?

Here's a picture of his flyaway hair.

I've added another picture so you can check our all of his teeth! He has 7 "in" right now.
{{{sigh}}} My little baby is growing up! :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Next Julia Child

I had to share a few pictures from tonight. I decided to make homemade pasta(for the first time). Malia was a big helper. Here are some pictures of her with her "reading" glasses on instructing me on what to do next. She was very seriously "reading" to me from the cookbook. It was hilarious - but I tried to keep a straight face. I only wish I could remember what she was saying. Notice the flour on her face. She **loves** to help out in the kitchen.
Oh, and the pasta was pretty good!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Snow!!

Woo-Hoo! We FINALLY got some real snow. I can't believe it! I knew there was a chance, but didn't get my hopes up...and we woke up to snow falling. Okay, Rourke wasn't as jazzed about the snow, as he had to get to Newberg. Luckily he leaves early, and missed the bad part. He's on his way home now with a new pair of chains he bought at lunch. :)

Malia, Alex and I went out for a bit this morning. Here are a few pictures. The snowfall was starting to taper off.........but here are some pics. I tried to get a shot of Alex ONLY, while I was holding him - It didn't work out so great. (Excuse the cones in our yard - Verizon is doing work in our neighborhood, and our house must be on top of the "command center". Yesterday they dug up the corner of our yard and had their Ditch Witch and other big equipement up on the grass, caution tape roping off our yard, etc. NICE!)

Enjoy the snow!


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Big Girl Bed!!

I hope it's off to a good start. The new year started off with a new "Big Girl Bed" for Malia! (Thanks to Uncle Jeff - and Uncle Bill & Aunt Lynda for the headboard, footboard & frame.) We went and bought a new mattress/box spring. Malia was so excited to have her new room all set up.....as you can tell from the pictures. She now has room for the new dollhouse Santa brought for her on Christmas morning. There were a few bumps after the initial excitement, and some nights she doesn't want to sleep in her new bed. The good news is, once she's asleep she seems to be sleeping better (waking up less) than when she was in the toddler bed. Yippeeeee!!

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

~~~~Christmas Day 2006 ~~~~

Christmas day was a busy one! After waking up and opening our gifts at home, we headed out to The Derrah's (my sister's famliy) house for brunch...and more presents! ugh! So much stuff!! We came home and had Rourke's Dad & Gaye over for snacks and MORE gift exchanging. Here are some pictures. Santa brought a doll house for Malia, which she loves. Alex was still asleep when Malia insisted we go downstairs.......so he missed the excitement this year.

**Love** this picture of my brother Bryon...looks like he was about to slide out of the chair. Ha ha.

Oops! This picture is from my birthday.....not Christmas. Great shot of the "kids" though. :)

Christmas Eve 2006

How was your Christmas? Here are some pics from Christmas Eve at our house. We had Yaya and Uncle Jeff over for dinner, gift opening, then a couple of games of "Loaded Questions". I was busy working the video camera, so didn't get the best still photos that night. Check out the "orb" over Malia and Alex in the dark picture near the end. ********************kinda creepy!*****************************


Renz Family Christmas ~ Dec 16th

Wow~! Where did the time go? It's now 2007, but I am still catching up on what happened in December. :)
Here are a few pictures from our Renz family get together (Rourke's extended family). Unfortunately Uncle Tom, Aunt Sandy & Yaya couldn't make it.

I'll keep the commentary brief......enjoy the pics!