Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - A Trip to the Beach!

Happy End of May!
I can't believe Summer is right around the corner. The weather here has been HOT for this time of year. I think we hit 88 degrees over the weekend. Ugh. Makes me wonder if I can go through another summer without A/C. Looks like I will have to find a way to suffer through. :)

Today we went to my Niece Kim's son's FIRST BIRTHDAY party. It was a perfect day and a fun bbq party! We all had a great time, Carson is a cutie!! The kids had fun on a great tire swing and little pool too. Of course I forgot my camera, but there were plenty of others there. I am not worried. I can't believe Ella will be 1 in less than a month. How fast the past year has gone by.

Well, speaking of how fast time flies, these pictures were taken last weekend at Pacific City. I thought I should post them before we are technically into June!

The weather was beautiful (but windy the day these beach pictures were taken). The kids had a slight cold, and Ella started sounding croupy (is that a word) once we got down there. Ugh. I was worried (mostly due to Alex having a bad case of croup when he was 1.5, and having to spend the night in the hospital).....but we did our best to make it go away with lots of remedies!

Right about the time these horses were going by I dropped my camera in the sand. You'll notice a spot on the rest of the pictures. I may have to take it in to get it out.

Anyway, it was neat to see horses on the beach. It doesn't happen too often. I do remember when we saw a runaway horse shooting down the beach a few years ago. That was exciting!!

The water was cold (of course), and Alex didn't want anything to do with it. Malia on the other hand went for it. So typical.
Ella missed out on the actual beach this trip....too sick. :(

And here is a good shot of Grandpa Chuck (my dad) and the kids. Alex thought it was funny to close his eyes for every picture.


Okay, one last tidbit. There are always deer that we watch for at the beach house. They come right up to the house looking for food.

Here is a video we shot of them being **hand fed** pancakes. Luckily no one was trampled.

That's all for now. I'm tired. I apologize if this is rambling and crazy. ~Linda

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Happy Thursday........and I do mean HAPPY!
I am so excited! I won a wonderful blog giveaway.
Isn't this just the cutest pincushion ever??? will soon have a new home here with me. :) Thank you so much to Elizabeth at CREATIVE BREATHING. Take a look at her super creative and inspiring blog HERE.

Okay, back to reality for me. Time to get the kids ready for school. Both have snacks and sharing today. I need to help them find something "share-worthy". :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo - What a Beautiful Day!

This past Saturday we made our first zoo trip of 2009! I had been debating about breaking down and buying the zoo membership since last summer. Last year, before summer, I wasn't sure how much we would use it with a new baby on the way (translated=me being super pregnant and not wanting to walk the hills of the zoo with kids in tow), and then with *3 kids*, if I would be out that much right away. So.......we didn't get it. It was a good choice for last year. This summer is a different story. I bought the membership and am so happy I did! We have only been once so far..............and here are some pictures.

I never thought I would love the sea lions so much! I think it was a high point for me (for all of us really).

The polar bears (well, at least one) was putting on a show too. He kept swimming (backwards) right up to the glass and back. (He's there in the picture, but he's a little hard to see). Ella has a new trick: pointing. Here she is pointing at the polar bear.

We even saw one of the elephants inside doing tricks! They were circus-like stunts. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. We caught the tail end of it. After that, we bought 2 elephant ears. Yum! The wait was tortuous for them.........but worth it in my opinion. :)

Okay, that's all for now. Enjoy your day. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Blog Giveaway - Take a Peek

I ran across a new-to-me blog, and she (Danielle) is giving away some fun crafty goodies.

Here is a picture of all you could win:

You can enter by visiting her blog HERE and linking her blog to your blog. You can also enter if you don't have a blog!! Check her out. Lots of cute things happening over there. You have until May 31st to enter the Blog Candy Giveaway.
Have a happy Monday!
:) Linda

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visa Aquarium TV Commercial

Have you seen this commercial? Is it just me or isn't it one of the greatest you've seen in awhile? This may sound sappy, but on some days it can even make me cry, okay, not cry - but get teary. I think the song must be from the 70's - it makes me think back to my childhood! Not that we ever went to a cool aquarium like that. ;)

Thoughts on the commercial?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

44 Cards.........Whew!

I signed up for a "swap" (totally optional) for Close to My Heart, where you make 44 of the same cards, then you swap with 43 other people! The great thing is you end up with 44 different things, from cards to layouts! All of the finished goodies are made with new papers and embellishents from the Summer 2009 catalog.

Timing was kind of bad on this one, I had to crank them out right after we got back from our trip. I was assigned this **new** paper pack, "Moon Doggie" and the **new** Heartfelt shapes (felt) as my embellishment.

I'm not sure I love the finished product, but I did finish them in time.

Here are all 44:

They each came out a little different.

If you would like to take a look at the new catalog, just click HERE. :)

Okay, I'm off. Time to make some pancakes and do some flower planting.

Have a great day!