Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall!

Hard to believe it's already here. Yesterday - when fall began - the weather was beautiful! I think we hit 93 degrees. I love fall, but am not sure I'm ready for summer to be over. Malia has mentioned several times that we didn't swim enough in Grandma's pool. Now I have that "mother's guilt" and I keep thinking we should swim one more time. I do love the cooler mornings and nights - and that we can start sneaking the kids to bed earlier & earlier.

We are starting to settle in to our new routine, but still not quite 100% adapted to it. Switching back to mornings is hard to get used to - hard for all 4 of us to be bright, shiny, clean & well fed by 8am. I'm not a big fan of throwing kids (or me) in the car without face washed, hair combed - or with breakfast in the car. But.....Ella has had a couple of rides to the Kindergarten drop off line freshly plucked from the crib.

Not too much has been happening here other than the day to day stuff. We had back to school night last week, and a fun family get together at my sister's house. It was one big celebration for birthdays, nephews off to college, one niece with a baby girl on the way, another niece's engagement, and a nephew's new career with the Vancouver Fire Dept. (did I forget anything?)LOTS to celebrate!

Here are a few pictures from the party, and a few backyard pictures of the kids before the summer is gone.

Picking pears:

Have a great day!

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