Saturday, September 05, 2009

Another Day, Another Park

School is just around the corner, and I am just about on park overload. Thursday we went to a new park (for us) that has been nick-named "the Pirate Park". I have tried to find it before, but it's hidden in between neighborhoods, down a trail, next to blackberry bushes, etc. Once we found it - the kids LOVED it! We met up with 2 old college friends and their kids - so 7 kids in all.

Alex cried the next day because he wanted to go back. He had a great time in this sand pit. He could have played the entire day. Ella loved the swings, eating cheese and Malia just loved playing with Mia. Her BFF. ;)

I love this picture of the silly girls!
Yesterday we made the trip to the Oregon State Fair (the first time I had ever been in my life!!), and was so disappointed that somehow the camera got left at home. State Fair pictures. Snif snif. I am still a little bummed. Oh well.
Have a great weekend!!
:) Linda

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