Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Quick Hello from Ella

This is just a quick & simple "HELLO" from little Ella. She is excited to tell you that she is now 7 months old (as of Monday 1/19)! How time flies. She likes to sit up and play, give kisses and pat her Mommy.....okay, and other people too. :)

She hopes you are having a wonderful day!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to My SISTER!!!

Okay, so this is REALLY late. I have been super behind on everything lately......blogging is one of those things.

Monday was my sister Kathy''s birthday. We went out to lunch with our mom to PANERA. It was my first time there (I don't get out much these days!), and it was really good. We all ended up having the potato soup - I had mine in a bread bowl. Yum!

So - here is my special post for my sister!! (I don't think she really reads our blog......but I feel bad anyway)..

Name: Kathy

Relationship: My one & only SISTER!

Factoids: OSU Beaver Believer & she loves Heath Blizzards from DQ

Hope it was SPECTACULAR! :)

Love -


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally.....Some ETSY Love!

Hello! How is everyone? We have all been a little sick this past week, but are now feeling better. I had a rough day the other know you're sick when **any** sound makes your head throb a little harder and **any** sight of food, real life, on a commercial, etc. makes you gag. Ugh. Getting the mail was a chore.........not to mention trying to take care of 3 kids. Thank God that day is over! It makes you really appreciate your good health ! :)

Now that Christmas is over (well, almost......we are doing another "make up" Christmas today with 1/2 of the in-laws)........I have been working on some Valentine treats for my ETSY SHOP! I love hearts, polka dots, red & I am hoping to get lots of things made and out of my system before it's too late.
Have a great Saturday. I've got to run. Last minute clean up and stuff to do before our guests arrive.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goodbye 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2009 has started off well for you. :) It's been very low key for us so far. Before we get too far into the new year, I figured I should share a few pictures from December. The month flew by, and I posted so little. I have TONS of pictures though. I had a great plan of completing a "December Daily Album" like this:

but haven't finished it yet. I am still planning on it......I guess it's okay to still be working on it (okay, it's barely started to be honest!!). I'm determined to get it done because I think they are so cute & fun! No rules. Anything goes. (These are not my pictures.) You can find more info here: December Daily Album

December started off with getting our tree at a new Christmas tree farm. We liked it.....but it didn't have the horses & hay ride. I was fine with that this year. Maybe next year when Ella is a little bigger.

I was so happy it was not raining...and the ground wasn't too muddy!

We went to Zoolights in the freezing weather and waited forEVER to ride the train. It was fun, but next time I think we'll skip the train. Malia missed the last week of school before Christmas break due to snow...which was followed by tons more snow.

Even the trains are covered in lights.

I loved this little hot chocolate stand that was covered in lights.

Here is Ella enjoying her first snowfall:

My birthday came and we were pretty much snowed in. My sister, her family & my mom made it over with their new studded snow tires and we had a spur of the moment birthday get together.......which was so nice after being cooped up for so long.

Our house in the snow:

We had some Santa gift drama with the snow and bad weather...which delayed one gift in particular....Biscuit the dog. After much stress and looking, Good ol' Santa did come through. Thank was all she wanted for Christmas! (Se Christmas morning pictures below!)

Christmas Eve came, we made special cookies for Santa. More snow. We had to postpone our get together with Rourke's Mom who couldn't get over the mountains from the coast due to snow. We DID (barely) make it to my sister's for Christmas day. It was an adventure....which was follwed later in the day by the excitement of her Christmas tree falling over while we were opening gifts. No one was hurt -- but she did lose some of her favorite ornaments in the crash. :(

Malia with Biscuit.

Christmas Morning

My Sister, with 2 of her kids, Kelli & Ryan.......and THE TREE in the background. This is not long before it crashed!

I hope everyone had a wonderful December! Here's to a happy & healthy 2009!


:) Linda