Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Fabric Banner and Other Things

Hello! We just finished having a massive garage sale this past weekend. Wow! Where did all that stuff come from? I guess 3 kids can really accumulate baby gear and toys like crazy. It was a little nauseating to see it all collected in one spot!
But....before the garage sale weekend, was Ella's birthday. I thought I'd share a couple of crafty decorations I made this year for her party - instead of the store bought kind.

The first picture is the fabric bunting/banner I had been wanting to make for some time. I ran across some cute fabrics at the craft store - and a cute polka dot towel (that's what started my "polka dot and cute theme" - is that really a theme???)

Below are some tissue paper "pom poms" (found instructions online).The polka dot balloons I found online: And here is Ella when I first hung the banner. She is telling me she likes "this one". I think it was the cherry one in the middle. :)

Okay, that's all for now! Got to run. I have a house with left over garage sale clutter that needs to be cleaned up and put away. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday ELLA..and Happy Father's Day too!

Wow! 2 years have somehow flown by. Really flown by. Our little Ella is now 2! Here she is almost 1 day old back 0n June 20th, 2008.
And here she is (almost 2) in a recent picture with my Dad........Happy Father's Day Dad!Here are the Birthday cupcakes, decorated by Malia & Alex
(I made the picture cupcake toppers):My Sister in Law Janna, with her granddaughter, baby Norah. She is such a sweetie, well they both are!!Here are Carson & Ella hugging it out. Carson (& Norah's) Mom is my Niece Kim, in the white (on the right). Carson & Ella were born about 3 weeks apart. Ella blowing out her 2 candles - she did well, but Malia & Alex were there to back her up. She needed it. ;)And finally, Happy Father's Day to my husband! Here he is this morning with all the kids barely hanging on his lap. Good times. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! We are still patiently waiting for some sun here in Oregon. Summer officially starts tomorrow...............so we are hopeful the
sun will make an appearance!