Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Cute is This?

This was made by Crystal over at Little Bit Funky.

You have a chance to win one, but in a GIRL version! I love it! She is so creative and is *always* coming up with something new and refreshing. It's made out of it!!

Go visit her here and YOU may be the lucky winner! But, hopefully it will be me. :)
Have a great day!


Kandi said...

I saw that on her blog. It's very cute! I think you should make some felt stuff for the Crafty Ladies show!

Jennifer said...


Can't figure out how to reply to your comment so I'm leaving the longest comment ever!

I love Crystal's blog too! Is the Ella banner for you?!?

I laughed at your stalker comment! I found a blog where their baby went to the same specialist as my baby and I commented, "If I ever see you in the waiting room I'm so gonna have to say 'Hi!' to you!!" :o) or something like that, so I get the whole I'm-totally-normal-but-realize-this-might-come-across-as-a-stalker type feeling! :o)

Thanks for the kind words. Your blog is great too! I love your scrapbook pages!!! Seeing pics of your kids at the same places I frequent with my kids is fun too! :o)