Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CRAFTY LADIES: Spring Bazaar is Coming!!

Mark your calendars! The "Crafty Ladies" is having it's first Spring Bazaar. It is Friday & Saturday (April 27-28) from 10am - 6pm. The address is: 16220 SW Nighthawk Drive in Beaverton.

Here are a few things I was working on last night:

I have about 10 other types things I am hoping to make before then. :O)

We will have a great assortment of things from lots of different artsy/craftsy gals.

Hope you can make it.

Easter Weekend Beach Trip

Easter weekend we took a quick trip down to Pacific City on Friday and then Nehalem on Saturday. Here are some pictures from our walk on the beach Friday evening with Dad (Grandpa Chuck) and Jan (Grandma Jan). We brought a kite to fly, but there was no wind! Malia was so excited to fly her "Tinkerbell" kite...and it was a bust! By the end of the walk we had broken part of the kite, so it looks like we'll have to start from scratch on the kite flying. Malia loved the sand & water, even though it was **cold**! (She went through a phase where she wouldn't even walk on the sand. Glad that is over!) Alex wasn't sure about it at first, but I think he liked the whole beach thing by the end.
On Saturday we headed up to Nehalem to visit YAYA Peggy, Uncle Jeff, Gordon & Maria. Peggy had a friend Sally there, who has a son named Jacob who is also 3. He and Malia had a lot of fun playing pirates and more!
We came home Saturday night to get ready for the Easter Bunny's arrival. He left WAY too much candy. Ugh. Not good for someone with a sweet tooth.
Bye for now~~~~~~

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Zoo Trip!

I'm a little behind at getting these posted...we took a trip to the zoo 2 weeks ago with Mindi, Mia & James. It ended up being a little colder up there than we expected.......but it was a good time nonetheless. (is that how you spell that?) Mia & Malia have so much fun together......Alex and James strolled along in their strollers. Someday soon they will hopefully play as well together as Malia & Mia. Here are a few pictures. I always take too many... I had to throw in a shot of the giraffes, which are my favorites! ;O) We were hoping to see the special "Black Bear" exhibit, but unfortunately it was closed on the day we were there. It was fun to see a huge black bear next to the brown bear (fake/stuffed) by the gift shop. Malia really didn't want anything to do with it........I couldn't get her to stand between his legs for a picture. :) The day ended with Mia & Malia getting souvenir pennies that were stamped with an elephant and monkey.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Here are a few pictures from the "mini-party" we had for Alex's birthday. I love the first's Malia keeping Alex away from the flame of the birthday candle. :O) I think she could almost run the household at 3. The cake was decorated in about 5 minutes....but, because Alex is only 1, I didn't think he would care. After tying both the chocolate cake and a white cupcake, we now know that Alex DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE CAKE! Whose child is this? Ha ha. Of course he wouldn't take a nap this day, so he is about to fall asleep as he eats cake.
Bye for now~~~~~