Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a quick post to wish all the mother's out there a very Happy Mother's Day!
Hoping you get a much deserved day full of love, appreciation and maybe some relaxation....

 I love the picture below - it's pretty much how I feel a lot of the time! 
Sometimes sweet like the giraffes above, but it ain't always rosy......
Motherhood is wonderful....but so much work.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, those that are no longer with us, and those that are hoping to be moms soon. 
Today is for you!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Well, it's been awhile!  Thought I'd pop in to say hello and wish you a Happy Scrapbooking Day!
Unfortunately I don't think I'll have the time today to do anything crafty, but I thought I'd share a few recent card I have made.  :)  (The top card is one I lifted from Vicki Wizniuk - love her design!)

I am finally getting my Close to My Heart mojo back!!   I am doing a monthly card workshop, which has been a lot of fun.  We make 5 assorted cards for $15, all supplies provided and cut for you!  These are a few of the recent cards we have made in the class.

Now if I could just get caught up on my scrapbooking!  Baby steps...right?

I have actually done a little digital scrapbooking ( - which is is one of my layouts
(from Alex's first tball practice last year):

Spring here in Oregon has been very wet and cool.  I think I've only been able to wear a short sleeve shirt once - without a coat.   Malia is playing Spring soccer - and I've decided I like Fall soccer much better!   Alex's t-ball should be starting soon - so please cross your fingers for some consistent sun!

Happy Sunday!!