Saturday, September 30, 2006

I saw this, but don't really have any use for it except to share with anyone who reads our blog. :) It's another chapter in my Grey's Anatomy obsession. Hopefully it works. ??? Anyway, it seems like so many days until another Grey's Anatomy episode. Urgh! Can't wait for Izzy to come back and Denny to appear again (at least in a flashback or something!!) Does anyone watch SUPERNATURAL on the new CW channel? Denny is on that show....might have to check it out. ;)

(okay, it's not working for some's suppose to be animated. Oh well!!)

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Crazy Kids

Here are a couple of morning pictures of the kids. First picture, Alex isn't smiling, so I'm trying to get him to smile for the second picture....which works....but then look at Malia. She has learned to cross her eyes. :) I think she takes after her Grandpa Chuck, her cousin Ryan, and possibly her mother??

p.s. Notice the band-aids and hair bands on her legs....the hair bands were "bracelets", and there are no injuries under those band-aids. Thank God the Dollar Tree has cute ones for kids. ;)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Malia's New "Big Girl" Bike

Well, I guess we can cross this off the birthday list! Our neighbors across the cul-de-sac had some friends over the other night who had a daughter with a new bike. Malia was in awe of her and the bike (she's 4). As they rode their bikes (Malia was on her red "Radio Flyer" tricycle), the mom mentioned that Malia might like their old bike. Thinking it wouldn't happen, or that it would be something junky that they just wanted to get rid of.........the next night they brought the bike over! It's a Huffy & in pretty good shape. Here are a few pictures of Malia trying it out for the first time. (They aren't the greatest pictures, I still need to read the owner's manual for the new camera on night pictures).

Yesterday we went and bought a new helmet for her so she can ride to the park........(it was a special combo pack that came with knee pads too). Rourke said he won't take her to the park if she wears the knee pads! :) (The bike DOES have training wheels.)


Friday, September 22, 2006

Just Pictures .......

Just a few more pictures of Alex that I thought were cute. Here he is being patient in his high chair while I was cooking. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grey's Anatomy!!!!

THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!! But I have to say the premiere wasn't as good as last season's finale......why did Denny have to die?? That was the best story.....I will miss him.

That's all I had to add for tonight. :)

2nd Annual Sand Dollar Auction ~

This past weekend we attended the 2nd Annual Sand Dollar Dinner & Auction to benefit the Rinehart Clinic in Wheeler.

It was a great event for an excellent cause (check out website for more information on the above). We won all sorts of interesting things at the auction :O). Our Fall Harvest Entertaining "basket" was a fun thing to by our house in the next couple of weeks to see some of the fun decorations that were included. Can't wait to dress up the house for fall.

We are planning our donation for the 3rd annual dinner/auction (Sept 2007). If you are interested in doing the same, let us know. Some sort of theme basket/gift sounds fun to me...hmmmmm....the wheels are turning. :) The clinic was something very dear to Glen Downs, and he served on the Board of Directors. You can donate to the "Glen Downs Memorial Fund" as well (to provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it along the coast).

Here are a couple of pictures of the winery where the auction was held. Very cute!!

Looking forward to next year....but we have all agreed the auctioneer needs to GO! Ugh.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Alex ~ Such a Big Boy!

Another post tonight!! I just had to share a couple of cute pictures I took of Alex tonight in his highchair......he was patiently waiting for me to take pictures for EBAY.........

He's almost 6 months old. Can you believe it? (and if you look close you can see a trace of carrots on his forehead.........he's just recently started cereal and now carrots :O) )

For Glen ~

Today would have been Glen's 65th Birthday. I still can't believe he is gone!!


We miss you.........

(pictures from 2003)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beach Trip!! Pacific City~ Labor Day Weekend

Whew! I can't believe it's been so long since I've last posted. What have we been up to? We had a big Garage Sale in August which ended up being pretty successful. I think we still have more junk to get rid of.........but oh well. Good thing we had the GS, then we broke the digital camera and just bought a new one. ;O)

This past weekend we went to Pacific City and stayed with Dad & Jan. The Derrah's were also down at their house. We had a great time! Visited the Senior Center Clothing Sale (which we rated a 2 on a scale from 1-10), a garage sale, the thrift store, the Village Merchants shop (LOVE IT!!), had another not-so-hot experience at FAT FREDDY'S DINER, visited the tidepools and walked on the beach.

Here are a few pictures (with our new Canon A620 camera).

Hope you all had a great summer!