Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whew! Weekend Pictures

Hello! Boy am I tired. We had a fun & busy weekend and now I am POOPED! The weather was great so we spent Saturday at Oaks Park and today at Mom's pool. I am not up for a lot of typing tonight, but here are some pictures.

Rourke, Malia & Alex went down the big slide. I thought Alex was scared, but apparently he bumped his mouth on Rourke's shoulder trying to get into place on the blanket at the tippy top of the slide. By the time he got to the bottom his mouth was bleeding like crazy. I thought for sure he had knocked both teeth out. All I could see was a mouthful of blood. Luckily it was just his gums, and his teeth appear to be fine. It was an awful moment, or half hour, and he and I looked like we came from a crime scene by the time it was all over. Of course we both had white shirts on. oor guy. Lesson learned on the big slide.

Rourke also did some serious tree trimming on our 2 big trees out front. He got a bid on Friday and thought it was ridiculous, so he went to Home Depot and rented a tree-trimming device, I call a "chainsaw on a stick". Apparently it weighed like 100 pounds on a 10 foot pole. He had to climb on the roof (2 stories up) and on a ladder (2 stories high), while balancing the "chainsaw on a stick". I'm happy to report he survived without cutting off any arms, legs, part of the house, etc. Unfortunately I failed to take any pictures of the event. I was trying my best to keep the kids in the house!

Enjoy the pictures & good night!

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