Thursday, September 04, 2008

Babies, Father's Day & Birthdays!

Happy September!
Well, here it is September 4th and not too much is happening. Malia doesn't start Pre-K until next Monday - so this is just a "free" week for us. I really need to sort clothes and get her closet & dresser ready for Fall. Ugh.

You are probably wondering...Father's Day? Well, last week we had a family get together to celebrate a VERY belated Father's Day for my Dad. Ella was born near Father's Day and things were busy. No one's schedule seemed to really coordinate until just recently (sorry Dad!!). So......we celebrated Father's Day with a Mexican buffet, chips & homemade mango salsa & guacamole, fresh fruit with for desert, ice cream, apple crisp and delicious chocolate covered chocolate chip bar cookies. YUM! We also celebrated (my sister-in-law) Janna's birthday (which was in July).....but Janna wasn't able to come. (sorry Janna!). And it was my Niece Toni's birthday THAT DAY....but she was back at college in Idaho. Isn't that ironic? Bad planning I guess. :( HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALS!

Here is Dad:

Here are my nephew Ryan and niece Kelli playing with Alex: was the first time that Baby Ella & Baby Carson met. Carson is my niece Kim & her husband Brandon's little boy. He was born at the end of May. Ella and Brandon are almost a month apart. It's so fun to have another baby in the family. If Kim & Ella are cousins, then I think Ella & Carson are "first cousins once removed"??!!?? Does anyone know for sure? I get confused on second cousins and the removed cousins. :) It was fun to see them together.

Here is my Stepmom Janet (left) holding Ella, and my Mom, Jeaneen (right), holding Carson. Aren't they cute? Funny thing is, both my Mom & Stepmom have identical twin sisters!

And one last picture of Kim & Carson, my brother Bryon & Niece Tara. These are his daughters & grandson.

Well, that's all for today. I need to get going. I have a ton of things to do and 3 kids to take care of ;). I think we are all getting the start of a cold. I haven't felt like doing anything these past couple of nights - when I have "mom time".

Have a great Thursday.


Brandon and Kim said...

ella looks soo cute with that little fist up by her head! i'm sure she's thinking "who is this huge goober next to me?" i'm glad they got to meet and we got to see everyone! great pictures : )

Brandon and Kim said...

oh yeah...i never know how to explain the whole cousin thing...let me know what you find out!! : )