Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Day of Pre-Kindergarten


The first day of Pre-K finally came this past Monday September 8th. I thought it would never come ;)

She is now going 5 days a week and in the afternoon. We had always had the morning class for preschool, but I thought moving to the afternoon might work better for us. My goal is to have the 2 little ones nap while Malia is at school. So far the plan isn't perfected. I am having a hard time getting Alex OUT of the preschool (there is a little play area right inside the front door), and then getting him right to sleep once we are home has been tough. I end up having to wake him up before I go-go (a little '80s joke), which isn't fun.

So...........something to fine tune for us.

Here are a few pictures from her first day. She is sporting a new "Tinkerbell" backpack (that's almost as big as she is). She also has some almost-matching Tinkerbell shoes (not shown here). I'm not a big fan of character clothes and shoes, but these ones were pretty with just a small picture of Tinkerbell. At first glance you don't even really see her. :)

I'm not sure what was happening here. I think Malia was trying to get Alex to stand by her (a little forcefully as usual) and he wasn't going for it.

Outside our front door.

Here she is saying hi to Teacher Patty. Patty was one of Malia's teacher's for Malia's first year of preschool when she was 3. :)

So far the class is pretty small. We are hoping for more kids soon. Apparently the afternoon class is not the one that people want. The morning class is FULL with 18 on the waiting list. CRAZY!

So.....we are trying to find our new daily schedule. I was hoping to get TONS of things done in the afternoon while Malia is at school and my other 2 are sleeping like angels.....ha ha. So far, not happening. Wish me luck.

Happy Saturday. I think we are heading to Oaks Park today. It is suppose to be beautiful weather. I haven't been for probably 25 years. Or more. Hope it will be full of fun and not drama.



Kandi said...

Cute pictures! Isn't it funny how big those backpacks are on those little bodies!

Hope Oaks Park was fun today. The weather was beautiful! Do you know how late in the season it's open? I'd still like to take the boys there if there's time.

Could you get back to me soon on that last question? Don't leave me hangin' on like a yo-yo! (wink)

Crystal Goostree said...

How cute! Beck's first day of kindergarten was on the 8th too! We were also at Oaks Park this Saturday. :) Too bad we didn't see you guys! We tried roller skating - it was hilarious ... and exhausting.