Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ella Louise & Peggy Louise

Happy Sunday!
I thought I'd share a photo of Baby Ella and Rourke's Mom Peggy. We chose Ella's middle name in honor of Peggy.
Excuse the "binky" in her mouth!

Here is another with all 3 kiddos:

Peggy stopped by on her way back to the Coast. I was happy to get this picture.......I completely failed at getting one in the hospital. Ugh.

Malia starts her swim lessons today! Woo-hoo! She is excited, but kind of nervous. She has a million questions about what is going to happen. Wish us luck.

Have a great afternoon.

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Kim said...

Hi Linda and Family of 5!!
Ella is such a doll! I love the little strawberry outfit. : ) Tara, Toni, Carson and I want to come see you guys sometime!