Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Ella is Here!

Hello! Yes, we are home and all doing well! I know it has taken a few days to get this post up....so sorry! :)

Baby Ella Louise (named in honor of Rourke's Mom, Peggy Louise) arrived on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 6:44pm. I was induced, and ended up waiting most of the day for the Doctor to be ready for us. We pretty much knew labor would be fast once my water was broken. Sure enough, water was broken at 5:30pm, and Ella was born at 6:44pm. I was on Pitocin most of the day (to stimulate contractions), and had an epidural in the afternoon, but it was completely worn off on the right side by the time Ella was born. Yikes! There was a chance I would miss the epidural, due to the guy being busy and in c-section surgery when I needed it......so I opted to get it early vs. missing it. :) I am not opposed to the drugs!

Ella's Stats:

8lbs 12oz
20 inches long
black hair

We stayed in the hospital one night and came home Friday evening. It's so hard to get good rest there. We were much more comfortable at home. The nurses were great, and the milkshakes were delicious (thanks Kandi for the tip!), but there's no place like home. Thanks to Peggy for staying with the kids while we were gone. They had a blast on the MAX. :)

So far Malia & Alex are adapting well to the baby. Malia wants to hold her ALL the time, Alex sometimes. Both are gentle with her, and don't show any signs of jealousy (yet). It's been a tiring few days for everyone, but good.

Here are a few pictures~
From pre-Ella to almost 1 day old:

More to come later.
Hope you all are doing well.


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Jocelyn (McConnell) Miller said...

Hi Linda!

I found your blog thru Kandi's (via the Glencoe reunion site)... anyway, just wanted to say congratulations on your new little one! You have a great family!

Hope all's well with you!