Saturday, August 15, 2009


Okay, I'll try not to have any more 'zoo' posts after this. We had a free day (and our zoo pass!) so we headed up with Grandma Jeaneen (mom). She hadn't been up there since I was in school (I'm thinking it must have been kindergarten). I guess she was a helper and was in charge of 5 kids - and one (Jeff King, for those of you who went to grade, jr or high school with me) was a nightmare to keep track of. Anyway, I think she had a good time. :)

Here we are eating a little picnic lunch while waiting for the bird show. Then they announced that all food should be put away so the birds didn't stray from the show to eat people food. About 10 minutes later some vulture strayed from the flight path to gobble some left over elephant ears that were not thrown away. It was exciting to see the bird have to be wrangled away from the food by the handlers - while people were about 1 ft away.

This is pretty much what I break up about a million times a day. Malia has to have her hands on someone at all times. Hoping it's a phase she will soon grow out of. How many days until school starts??????
Malia's highlight of the zoo trip was seeing the polar bear poop. Oh to be 5 years old.
Have a great weekend~

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