Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Shots of Summer Fun


We are enjoying a much slower-paced August and I'm loving it! July got completely out of hand with craziness. We have been managing to keep busy, but on our own terms. :O) I think we are almost ready for school with supplies and clothes. I have 1 box of Crayola markers to get - needed 2, Target only had 1 (after I had to return the first boxes because they weren't "washable" ---aren't ALL Crayolas "washable"??).......and hand sanitizer.

I thought I'd post a few random Summer pictures just for fun.

Have a great night. I'm off to watch Big Brother (please don't judge me!!). ;)

Sibling Dance Class:

A potato bug on the nose....why not??

The "spirited" child:



Kandi said...

Hi Donna, oh I mean Linda~

You have so many great photos from this summer! Sooo cute!!! Can't wait to see them all scrapped the next time I see you *wink*.

Aurora said...

Thanks for peeking at my blog {and my quilt fabrics!} You have an adorable family! Looks like you all have had a busy summer! :)