Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two Accomplishments

Happy Sunday~
Hope you all are having a great weekend. We went to the zoo last night to have a picnic dinner, but didn't realize there was a concert going on that wasn't included with our zoo membership (some concerts are included, some not).......anyway, no big deal. We just wanted to see a few animals, have a picnic and tire out the kids! Well, I finally asked someone what concert it was, and they said TEARS FOR FEARS. Hmmm. Cool. Music from our high school days. Rourke decided that he wasn't leaving until after he saw them sing at least one song, and kept saying "once you're in, you're in" in we could easily watch the concert. Unfortunately, it wasn't so simple. They had a 2nd checkpoint farther down in the zoo, for which we had no tickets. Plan B was to loiter in the zoo until past closing time to at least hear some music. That failed too. Plan C was to open the windows as we were driving out of the zoo to hear music in the distance.....again, failure. So....we had a fun night at the zoo, just eating our picnic dinner. :)

Another funny (well, funny now) we got back to our Jeep in the parking lot, we couldn't get it to unlock. We had Rourke's keys, and in the past he has had problems with his automatic opener on the keychain, which we thought were happening again. So, we tried the key in the door. Again, no luck. I couldn't figure out why the KEY wouldn't unlock it. My keys were of course safely inside the car (hidden), so I didn't have to carry them in the zoo. So, we called AAA to rescue us. As I was on the phone, Malia (who is really into checking out license plate tags - you know, with the month you need to renew w/DEQ), says "this isn't our car". She knew our plates didn't expire in the 7th month (she's 5). Then Rourke says, our car's over there. So, I am totally embarrassed as I tell the AAA lady to cancel our emergency. We had the wrong car. Geesh. Who would have thought the ALMOST IDENTICAL Jeep would be parked 1 row and 1 spot over???

Okay, so, this post was suppose to be to share 2 big things happening in our house right now.

The first is this:

Malia is training wheel free! She actually took them off about a month ago, and in 2 days she had pretty much mastered it. We went back to her little bike for the first couple of weeks, now she's back up to her big bike. She hasn't fallen yet, and is really doing a great job.

The second is this:

Ella is walking! She started taking a few little steps 3-4 weeks ago. She is now pretty steady and likes to do laps around our kitchen island. She is so proud of herself...and we are too.

Okay, that's all for today.



Brandon said...

that story is hilarious!! malia WOULD notice something like that, smart girl! : )

and yeah for malia and ella! maybe ella can teach a thing or two to her stubborn 2nd cousin or whatever he is : )

Brandon said...

oh that's actually from kim, i didn't realize i was still logged in under brandon's gmail account