Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Kandi & John!

Okay, It's still July it's not over yet!!

Sorry this post is so late.
First of all, it's my good friend Kandi's birthday today. Apparently I don't have any recent digital pictures of her, so here is a picture from our 1988 prom (getting ready in my bathroom). I had scanned this in for some reason quite awhile back. If you want to see her today, check our her blog:
Next on the birthday list is my Father-in Law John. Here he is hanging out:

Tonight we were at a wedding rehearsal for Rourke's cousin Alison. Found out it's future "cousin-in-law" Rachel's birthday today too!! (she's dating Cousin Billy, she's not the one marrying Alison ;O). ) July 17th is a popular day!!
And just for fun, here is the full picture from "Pre-Prom 1988":
Yes, I still have the dress. Kandi, do you???
Have a great night. Malia is the flower girl in the wedding tomorrow, I'm going to sew a little slip in her dress.


Kandi said...

Thank you Linda!! I actually prefer that photo over a recent one. ;)

I had that dress up until about 3 years ago and then I gave it to a old family friend for her grandaughters to use at their tea parties. I remember the dress being hard to breath in in 1988 and lets just say that my body's changed a bit in the last 21 years. ;)

Lorie said...

What great pictures of your prom! I finally broke down and got rid of my old prom dresses with our last move.

I hope Kandi had a great birthday and I hope that the wedding is beautiful!