Monday, March 23, 2009


Just a quickie post to share a couple of pictures from this weekend.
Ella is now 9 months old and is starting to scoot/crawl and pull herself up. It's lots of fun....until she's actually quick! :)
Here are our girls. Malia is 5 years and 5 months.....Ella 9 months.

(okay, not sure why those are going into blogger sideways......hmmmm. )
And here's a little video clip of Miss Ella:
It's Spring Break for us, but nothing big planned. Hope you are enjoying your week.



Brandon said...

such a happy girl!! and look at her go! : ) she's lost that baby look even more since we saw her at alex's party! we don't get sound on our computer...but did she totally eat something off the carpet?!?! hahaha... i'm constantly fishing string, fuzz, and other things out of carson's mouth...amazing what they find... : )

Brandon said...

oops...that was from kim...brandon was still logged in on his gmail : )