Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Big Day for Little Alex

Today was Alex's first day of preschool!!!!

He has been wanting to go to school for so long and loves it when we take Malia to pre-k, so I decided now that he's just days away from being 3, we would finish off the school year in the Tues/Thurs program. It seems like a great way to ease him into preschool before we go to 3 days a week next fall. And.........I think it's fun for the kids to be at the same school for a little while.

Alex was so excited today! Yesterday we went to Target and he picked out a new back pack for the big day. He did have an Elmo back pack from a couple of years ago, but it seemed too young for my big boy! He is loving Spiderman right now, so It was no surprise that was the one he wanted. As he walked in the door to his class he turned to each teacher when they said hello and showed them his back pack. I'm not even sure if he spoke. I'm hoping he does okay in the class. He seems so young.....but he's loving it!

Here are a couple of quick pictures we took today before school. It was a hectic morning due to my Jeep having some big issues, and it needing to be towed this a.m. to a shop. The quote is $1100-$1200. Great. So, please cross your fingers that we win something in Oregon's St. Patrick's Day raffle next week. ;) It would make me feel a lot better.
Here is Alex finding his coat/backpack hook. :)

Well, I have clothes to fold.
Nighty night.
Here is one quick picture of Ella from the other night. She is coming up with new facial expressions. I love this kooky one! Reminds me of the time when I worked at Taco Time in high school, and someone thought I was Asian. I guess my ponytail must have been too tight under the required uniform cap!! :O)


Kandi said...

Sooo cute!! Alex must be so excited. His backpack looks so big on him, but what a big boy!! Keep us updated on his schooling.

What a great face on Ella too!

Brandon and Kim said...

oh carson does faces just like ella...they MUST be related!! : )i'll have to post them and compare side by side. can't believe alex is in preschool!! pretty soon you'll have two in elementary school! sorry we'll miss you guys tomorrow...