Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Ready to Go

I have fallen off the blogger boat this past month. All the kids were sick, we had Spring Break, field trips, Easter, and just L-I-F-E in general.

One big thing that has been consuming my "free" time and filling my head with worry is the trip Rourke and I are taking in 4 short days! We are heading to GRAND CAYMAN without the kids.
Yikes!! There is so much to plan, the kids will be split up for awhile, and staying at 3 different places during the week. I have been trying to pack for myself, and all the kids. Shop for food for everyone, plan who is driving the kids where during the week....and my least favorite thing........writing a will. Ugh. So depressing. Can you tell we have never left the kids before? I have had dreams of the plane crashing and everything! Then there are the medical releases in case the kids get sick or (God forbid) hurt while we are gone.

Anyway, I'm sure once we get there I will be so totally excited. I just have to GET THERE!
Here are a few pictures I just found online to pump myself up! I am really wishing now that I had gotten myself into better shape and tan.

This is a picture of "Stingray City"......where we are apparently going. Hopefully it's safe. :)

This is where we are staying....

I have heard there are internet cafes all over...so hopefully we can check email and keep in touch.
Geez....I can't even imagine all the free time we will have for a week without kids.
Gotta run.....speaking of kids, they are a calling.
Until next time~


Brandon and Kim said...

how beautiful!! i am definitely jealous! i'm sure i'd be feeling the same way about leaving though (and i only have one!! : ) you'll have a terrific time. can't wait to see pictures when you get back!

Crystal Goostree said...

How was the trip? Where are the REAL pictures? :)