Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday ALEX!!

Today is our Alex's 3rd Birthday!!!
Here are a few pictures from his birthday party this weekend. He is loving Spiderman right now, so he had his very own Spiderman cake!! Lots of yummy red and blue frosting.......the kind that stains your lips and tongue. :)
Poor guy is exhausted today after 3 days of birthday fun with all kinds of family and sets of grandparents. He's a little grumpy, okay, A LOT grumpy and needs to nap. Not sure if that will happen today. Birthday boy has hit the wall.
That's all for now.............
Enjoy YOUR day!
:) Linda

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Kandi said...


Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Did Alex get lots of noisy toys? That always makes it even more fun! :)

I had to look twice at the last picture with all three kids sitting at the island. I finally saw someone's hand holding Ella up. Cute!