Sunday, February 22, 2009

A New Discovery

Hello! Are you watching the Oscars? I am, but haven't seen any movie that is nominated. We did see Hotel for Dogs yesterday (all of us except Ella). I doubt that one will be an Oscar nominee next year...but it was fun for the family. :)

Last weekend the kids discovered that the computer was magic! Well, that it could be used to play games on,, etc.

Here they are totally engrossed in this new find:

And here is another, once Alex saw the camera (but notice he still couldn't take his eyes off the screen). I don't even think Malia knew I was there. (It was the morning, hence the pjs and bed head).

We are keeping this a "once in awhile" activity - well, at least as long as we can.

Have a great week!


Kandi said...

Cute! Those are the sites the boys started out on as well. is another good one. Makes for a nice break because they can do a lot of the stuff without constant help from "mom".

Jos said...

good luck with "once in awhile"... I said the same thing a long time ago :)

Kandi's right: pbdkids is good too.