Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This sounds like such a fun and uplifting post - doesn't is? Lately I am feeling the "one step forward, two steps back" motto was made for me. So..................this may be a little "rant-esque", and I apologize in advance. I'm hoping I'm not the only one - I doubt it, but sometimes I feel like I am the "out of control" Mom. Where do I begin? My kids are having sleeping issues, well, mainly Alex, who is almost 3. His new "thing" is to sneak around at night time. Last night it was TWO HOURS from the time I put him to bed, until the time he actually fell asleep. In that time he had taken his pajamas off several times, went p@@P (in his pull up), spilled water in his room, played in Malia's room (and made a huge mess - she was asleep), snuck downstairs about 4 times, then......the final straw was when at almost 10pm I heard a funny vibrating noise coming from upstairs. I tore upstairs and could not find him anywhere.................and finally found him in the master bathroom, on a little stool, with shaving cream smeared ALL over his hair, on his chin and Rourke's razor laying on the counter covered in shaving cream and some HAIR! If I wasn't so mad at that point I would have taken a picture - because it was actually funny. (The vibrating sound was a pair of massage slippers that he had turned on and hid under all my clothes in the closet. Thankfully he turned those on, otherwise he would have been up there in silence - probably bald and bleeding. Ugh).

Then......this morning I wake up to my #1 daughter at my bedside telling me she went potty. Half alseep, I thought, "great, but you don't need to tell me".......then I realized she meant IN THE BED. (and all over the bathroom floor). Ugh again. This is very rare ---------------- but I was still irritated. I tried not to show it...........but couldn't help it when I saw that she used the brand new Pottery Barn birdie towel to clean herself up!! A splurge that doesn't usually happen these days..........Pottery Barn shopping. It's not like we don't have 10 other towels in the cupboard that are old or from Target or NOT POTTERY BARN! :)

These 2 events in an 9 hour span have made my patience a little thin. I feel like our house is never **really** clean. Too many toys, kids outgrowing clothes right and left, "artwork" and papers from Pre-K (how long do I have to keep things???? ---I do have a box for the "keepers" - but everything else???), laundry, blankets, cups, food spills, CALGON take me away.

Okay, I sound like a total loon. I'm really not, just needing to vent. And I am getting so tired of "stuff". I really need to purge. That's something I have a very hard time with. I need a 12 step program for that.

Well, I need to go. Today is our snack day and before school a tumbling class for Malia.

Have a great day. Thanks for listening to me complain. ;)


p.s. I thought I'd leave you with 2 photos. The first one is Alex from a week or so ago.......he had put on mascara. His shirt isn't dirty.......that's my face powder that is spilled all over.

The second picture is just Sweet Baby Ella..............loving her bath in the kitchen sink! Happy times. :)


Alison said...

Linda- I love to come check on your blog every now & then! It sounds like you have your hands full (to say the least) My offer to take one, two or three kids some afternoon is always standing!!! I would love to do it!

Cousin Alison :)

Kandi said...

I say you take up Cousin Alison on her offer!! Wow, you had quite a day! I hadn't checked your blog until today at lunch time. I guess that's how Calgon stays in business, lol.

Btw, love Baby Ella in the sink!

Kandi said...
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Sarah and Jack said...

Hey, it sounds like every day in my house too. Life with kids is just one big mess most of the time. And they are into everything! Jack can get in more trouble while I am using the toilet, lol.

Maybe a baby gate would confine the nearly 3 year old at bedtime?