Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Short Video......It Makes Me Smile :)

Hello! I'm too tired for a long post tonight, so I thought I'd share a video clip I took of Ella a few days ago. She is now 4 months old! Where does the time go??

Have a great week!



Amy Sutter said...

Wow, she is just beautiful! You are blessed!
Just wanted to let you know we are having a drawing on AVP.
Amy Sutter

Brandon and Kim said...

what a gorgeous smile!! i'm glad you figured out how to post videos...i even heard the sound too! oh ps, i just read your comment on the "anticipating" entry on our blog...NO!!! NOT YET!!! : ) we're off to the beach in a bit to stay at kathy and deans. brandon tried to surprise me, but was over at my parents when he called my dad..ha. should be good weather! see you soon!