Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hopefully you are enjoying the season. I know I'm enjoying the candy corns. :) You either love them or hate THEM!

I thought I'd share some fun pictures from last week when Rourke's Mom (known as YaYa to the kids) stopped by with a big bag full of Halloween goodies for us. The kids got new Halloween clothes (see Alex & Ella in these pictures - Malia was at school, but she was not left out of the goodies), books, pez dispensers, pajamas and more. Even I got some cool pumpkin candles. THANKS YaYa. :)

We decided to take some pictures in the new clothes....and Peggy/Yaya was wearing purple, which coordinated nicely with the orange. :) They were making scary faces and sounds and it was a lot of fun. I thought they turned out cute...........too bad Malia wasn't here. :(

On a different note, Malia went to a birthday party for her friend Holly today at Build a Bear! It was actually fun - more fun than going on your own and doing it. Holly is one of Malia's best friends from preschool, but now goes to a different school. They hadn't seen each other in a few months, so I was wondering if they would still be joined at the hip.....and yes! They were. They even picked out the same koala bear, named it the same (Sara - everything is named Sara!), and the same outfit. They are twins.

It made me really miss her class from last year. She had so much fun. This year the class is small, and most of her friends have gone to Kindergarten. Boo hoo. It also made me think I should have planned our kid party for Malia SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN OUR HOUSE! It seemed so easy. Oh well. I have a couple of weeks yet to get it together. :)

Tomorrow Malia is going to Swan Lake with her Yaya. Such a busy life for a not-even-five-year-old. I've been told it only gets worse. :)

I'm off to get crafty. I need to get working on my "goods" for upcoming bazaars and my poor empty ETSY shop. :( It looks pathetic. last thought. I was at Target and saw these cute pj pants:

I really think I **NEED** them. I tried to tell my husband..........we'll see if it worked. I also told Malia. Not that it will help, but you never know.

(In case he is reading this, they are "Nick & Nora" and are by the bathrobes!!)

Okay, I'm outta here......

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