Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM!!

Today is my Mom's birthday! She and my Dad were born 2 days apart - in the same year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!

Here she is a few days ago, holding Ella. Yes, that is Ella. She kind of looks like a boy in the pic. Those pants are like clown pants! They are huge.

This post is late today. The day has flown by! My sister & I took Mom to a birthday lunch at Chevy's.......complete with clapping, singing, the birthday dessert & a sombrero! :) She was very surprised. :) Luckily the lunch crowd had thinned out quite a bit, so she wasn't completely mortified.

I would also like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Aunt Joanne. Mom's twin sister. :) Unfortunately I don't have a picture of her handy......but you can get an idea from looking at my mom (ha ha!.....twins...get it??)

Well, that's all for today.
Mom: I hope you enjoyed your day!
XO Love,

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