Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Pictures - Minus a Few

Where did the sun go? I must say I do kind of like the change in weather. :O) As long as the rain doesn't stay around too long!

The weekend is just about over, and I am ready for a quiet week without any classes or big plans. How boring am I?? We are heading to the beach for Labor Day weekend and have a preschool "open house" so I guess we have some things going on! We didn't have a heck of alot happening this weekend, which was nice. Alex had his last Kindergym class, Malia had her last swim class, we spent Saturday at Grandma Jeaneen's pool, and we did some back to school clothes shopping. UGH. I always thought this would be semi-fun, but no. It really isn't. Malia is only 4 (almost 5)....and she is hard to please. It used to be so much fun to buy clothes **I** like and make the kids wear them. It's not so much fun when they start having opinions. LOL!

Like the title of this post are some of the pictures we took. I completely forgot the camera when we went to the pool. And then today I left the camera's memory card in the dang we have no pictures of swim lessons or the park with the fun water fountains. I'm so mad at myself. I did manage to get some pictures of the kids at home. Malia & Ella just hanging out, and Alex helping Dad mow the lawn & taking a little break on the front steps. (Please excuse the grass growing out of the cracks in the cement - this has not been a strong year for me when it comes to yard work. 2009 is my year!)

Well, that's all I have for tonight. I should be doing something more productive while everyone is asleep. Oh, and by the way.....ELLA IS STILL SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Rock on!

Good night~

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Kandi said...

Well, the pictures you did get are super cute!! You're kids are so beautiful!