Friday, August 29, 2008

Remember all That Fabric??

Well......I finally made something with it! I found this cute idea from an Etsy shop called "Little Bit Funky"...and I thought I'd give it a try. Sewing has never been something I have really tried too much. For some reason the sewing machine & terminology intimidated me. I think it all goes back to the "Breads & Threads" class I took in Jr. High. I had to make a 2 piece outfit, and the pattern lingo really didn't click with me. (I'd like to thank my Mom & Aunt Trudy for helping me finish that lovely skirt & top up. :) )Anyway ~ I found I actually am not too scared of the sewing machine anymore. I did have a little mishap with somehow un-assembling the whole "bobbin area", a number of metal pieces popped out and there I sat with a handful of puzzle pieces. Thank God for the internet and online user manuals. I finally reassembled the machine and here is my end result:

I am hoping to make some more in a Christmas theme...and maybe Fall too. :)
(the color in the pictures isn't the greatest - they are much cuter in real life---at least I think so). These were a great gift for my Sister-in-Law!

Well, we are off to the beach for the weekend.
Have a safe & happy Labor Day!



Kandi said...

Those turned out super cute Linda! I bet your sister-in-law loved her birthday gift!! I know I would (wink, wink). :)

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

I just found your blog! Not sure how I ended up here... But I thought to myself, she looks fmiliar and sure enough I saw that it was sweet Linda from Posh Paisley! I love your new blog, the towels are fabulous and your family is just beautiful! I will add your blog to the webring and send you the code to install (I will remove the I love esty link, lol!)
Have a fabulous week!