Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Okay.......I Did It!


Do you remember the end of my last post when I said Ella was still sleeping through the night??? Well, since then she has NOT slept through the night.
I knew it.

I got too sassy......

and this sweet baby:

Has turned into this baby at 4:00am:

Okay, so she doesn't scream her head off...she just wakes up and wants to eat. Last night was a true test of my patience. Malia was up at 2am, Ella at 4am, then Alex a little before 6am.

So.......this is me today:


Brandon and Kim said...

thanks for the pictures linda! i'm not sure what happened to the video...it WAS on there, and now i don't know why it's just showing a big white box...oh well. crossing my fingers that ella returns to her 12-hour sleeping pattern!!

Tracy said...

Don't you kind of just want to just tell Ella that it is her responsibility as the 3rd child to be easy? And she probably is very easy, I know my 3rd was, but lack of sleep is very hard on Mommy.

Hopefully she returns to a more palatable sleeping pattern soon!