Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Ella Update!!

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer! It sure is slipping away fast. Speaking of time going fast, Baby Ella is now 8 weeks old!! Here are some pictures of her at 6 and a half weeks. Apparently I haven't taken any pictures for a week and a half! GASP! Now I see why the third child (or 4th, 5th, etc) gets the shaft on pictures and baby books. I was always so upset that I never had any pictures of me at the hospital (I was the third child) I understand why. Malia has **TONS** of pictures. I think I have ranted on this before!?!?!? Alzheimer's may be setting in (or possibly lack of sleep).

Ella is smiling like crazy and loves to be talked to. She tries to talk back. It's so much fun for us all. Another great thing.......she has slept through the night the past couple of nights!!! I AM SO HAPPY!! I shouldn't talk about it, because I am probably jinxing myself. :O) That always happens to me. So, no more about that.

On a different note, we had a GARAGE SALE this past weekend. If you live in this area you will remember how EXTREMELY HOT it was this weekend??? As in days of record least 2 over 100 degrees! Ugh. I am thankful it's over. I think we would have had better sales and more customers if it would have been cooler. Oh well, we did make some money, and got rid of junk. I am a little upset with myself for not clearing out more........I just seemed to run out of time. I should be cleaning up our house -- we have "garage sale" aftermath going on. Random things here and there that I just couldn't part with. Now I'm wondering where to put it all. I think that's a sign that I probably should have gotten rid of it!! LOL. I believe I have a "hoarding" problem. I think it's an actual disorder, not sure what it's called. I don't have it bad, just a mild case. I remember hearing a story about a lady that was killed in her home because a huge pile of her own papers and junk fell on her. I'm sure it wasn't funny, but I do find it a little comical...........that may be me someday.

Gotta run......I need to figure out what's for dinner. :)


Kandi said...

Hi. My name's Kandi and I'm a hoarder. Maybe we can join a support group together!

Tracy said...

Ugh, I hoard down here in Glide, Oregon too!

Brandon and Kim said...

haha, tara said the same thing about the "pictures of the firstborn" thing to me. : ) i'm so jealous ella is sleeping through the night! carson was...and i think i bragged too soon about it cause now he's up at 4:00 every morning! ( i guess once a night isn't too much to complain about!) ella is ADORABLE! see you guys soon!

Tracy said...

Hi Linda!
I LOVE my Odyssey.
It is a Honda so I feel like it is a little less clunky than some other models of mini-vans. Plus mine has enough bells and whistles (leather, automatic doors, entertainment package) that I feel like I didn't compromise MY comfort just for the roominess to haul my kids.

I know I won't be driving a mini-van forever(thank goodness), but for now my Odyssey is the perfect ride for me and my family.