Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where Oh Where Did My Sweet Boy Go?

So............. last Thursday my sweet little Alex completely turned on me! Of course it was the day of Rourke's last final exam, so it was a long "Mom" day anyway, but then this started off the morning:

(Notice he even got the neck)

And his forehead (it's green, harder to see, but there. trust me).

Followed by this in the afternoon:

Grandma Jan was over, and we both thought Alex had gone upstairs. Nope! Apparently on his way upstairs he ran across Jan's purse. Add to that the fact that he had to p@@p - we found him hiding in the computer room pooping (in his pull up -NOT ON THE FLOOR! :O) ) and rummaging through the purse. Money, credit cards, etc all over the floor and some lovely lipstick all over his face. And not to mention the lovely smell......sorry if TMI.


AND....it didn't end there. After dinner, while I was getting Ella bundled up so we could drive around and look at Christmas lights, (did I mention this was a very, very long MOM day??)......Alex had gotten into MY lipstick upstairs and again, had it on his face, my wall mirror, the step stool, inside the closet on the wall.............ACK!!! Needless to say I was not happy.........but, being the still-sweet boy he is, he was trying to clean it up and had a washcloth that was covered in lipstick in his hands when I caught him. (I must add that it was one of my 2 new lipsticks, which is now broken off......which makes 2 of my 2 new lipsticks that are broken off........wonder why those new ones were so appealing?? Why not the old, "that's not my color" ones???)

I didn't get pictures of the last incident.......I had pretty much had it by then, and it wasn't quite as "cute" as before.

So..............apparently he was feeling crafty and maybe Santa should bring a paint set this year?

Hope **you** had a great day!

;) Linda

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