Monday, December 01, 2008

November Wrap Up!

Happy December!!
I have taken a break from blogging, so thought I'd do a little end of November "recap". It really is amazing to me how fast time flies. It's already December! Yikes! Christmas is only 25 days away. I love this time of year, but wish it didn't fly by so fast. There are always so many fun things (and some not so fun) to do, and never enough time. I am also one of "those" people who can listen to Christmas music all day long....every day. It drives my husband crazy I think.

Here are a few pictures from the annual "raking of the leaves" (that is **so** much fun- ha ha), Ella eating rice cereal for the first time. (She is now 5 months old and can sit up by herself.......I tried it one day, and she just sat there all!) The last picture is from Thanksgiving dinner, of Malia & Ella. Ella looks so tiny in the huge high chair!

First bite of rice cereal. She was not loving it at first, now she seems to enjoy it. Yeah!!

Well, I'm off to do a million things!
Have a great day~

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Kandi said...

Great pictures! I love the rice cereal one. Ella looks a little unsure of the taste. The leaf photos are great, too! I'd like to see them scrapped by Sunday at our next meeting :o)