Sunday, December 21, 2008

Something Crafty...Teacher's Gifts!

So, if you are in the NW, you are enjoying lots of snow!! (Or maybe not enjoying it....I guess it depends). This past week should have been the last week before the Christmas break, but due to "Arcitc Blast 2008" (that's what the news has named it), school was canceled all week! There were a couple of days that ended up not being bad, but they made the call early. Yesterday we got TONS of snow.....and now it **really** is "Arctic Blast 2008"!

I thought I'd share part of the gifts we were going to give to Malia's preschool teachers. We still will.............but now in January. These are tins filled with wrapped Hershey Nuggets.

Hope you are having a great day!

Are you ready for Christmas????



Kandi said...

Those turned out really cute Linda!! I know I'd love to receive one of them (hint, hint). Ha ha!

Linda said...

Well if Arctic Blast 2008 sticks around for awhile, you might just get one......oh, but I don't have any more nuggets. I wonder what happened to them:!?!? :)

Tracy said...

My address is on my Facebook profile. I'd LOVE to have one!