Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Look back at Malia's "West Africa Week"

Happy Wednesday!
We are back to life with 3 kids this week, after Malia spent all last week with Yaya at the Coast. She took a week long class celebrating West Africa. It was a 5 hour class each day that included learning dances, having art classes, traditional African lunches, play, theater and story time. Malia was the youngest in the class, and anyone under 5 needed to have an adult stay with them. By Wednesday she didn't want Yaya there anymore, and all the teachers agreed that she would be fine she was on her own Wed, Thurs & Friday. She had a blast and made quite a few new friends: Saybah, True, Sage, River, name a few.

On Saturday Rourke & I headed to the Coast with the Kids to meet up with Malia, Yaya, and Uncle Jeff. We met at the Art Center, and had a traditional African dinner that included fish, couscous, peanut sauce, a couple of rice dishes, spinach stew and fried plantain. After dinner was the BIG PERFORMANCE they had been working on all week with Miss Habiba. Authentic drummers were there as well. Here are a few pictures from the night. I was alternating between the camera & the video camera. :)

They also put on a play. This picture isn't the greatest, but Malia was a princess. Her friend Saybah was the queen. It was fun to watch! I think I missed some of the storyline while I was trying to take pictures, video, while Alex was going crazy and it was 100 degrees in the room.

Gotta needs me.

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