Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute Idea!

Isn't this adorable? First, let me say I DID not make this. I found it on some one's blog, and of course I can't remember who it was...sorry! It's an old metal bread tin covered in scrapbook paper, then turned into a photo holder. I'm adding this to the never-ending list of projects I would love to make and will most likely never get to. :) Oh well, it's fun to think I may do it someday.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We went to the Washington County Fair on Saturday! We had a good time and the weather was perfect. Both kids were able to ride on at least some rides this year, which was great. Alex loved the car ride (of course) and Malia loved the Bear ride (kind of like a Tilt-A Whirl, or the Tea Cups) that spins. Alex was a little freaked out by that one. We watched the Pirate show and I even got to hold a parrot......not that I wanted to, but Malia wanted to then all of the sudden did NOT want to, so there I was holding the parrot after the show with the pirate guy. We then spent a fortune on some food, played a couple of games, and saw WAY too many farm animals. Good times.............

Have a great week!

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