Monday, October 02, 2006

P is for Princess

On Thursday Malia (and Alex & I) went to a "Princess Party" for Mia Coats' 4th Birthday. It was a great party and all of the girls dressed up like princesses (there was also 1 prince) and got to decorate magic wands. Unfortunately we came to the party right from the Doctor's office for Alex's 6 month check up......and Malia had an unexpected flu shot. She ususally takes shots very well, but this time we weren't so lucky! After the shot she couldn't walk and wanted to be carried the entire day. Ugh. At the party she was moving pretty slow and was dragging her leg to get around. We tried the magic wand on her leg, which seemed to magically fix it for a brief period of time...but then we were back to where we started. Here are a few pictures of the party and a really cute one of Melinda/Mindi (Mia's Mom) and her sister Jill, and Jill's daughter Sophia.

p.s. Alex had 5 shots that day and was just fine! ;O)

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