Saturday, September 30, 2006

I saw this, but don't really have any use for it except to share with anyone who reads our blog. :) It's another chapter in my Grey's Anatomy obsession. Hopefully it works. ??? Anyway, it seems like so many days until another Grey's Anatomy episode. Urgh! Can't wait for Izzy to come back and Denny to appear again (at least in a flashback or something!!) Does anyone watch SUPERNATURAL on the new CW channel? Denny is on that show....might have to check it out. ;)

(okay, it's not working for some's suppose to be animated. Oh well!!)

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yaya said...

How's this for "addicted"? We are looking for someone to record Greys Anatomy the two weeks we are on the Mexico vacation. I will die if I miss any episodes!

I read in the Oregonian that Patrick Dempsey and Issaih Washington got into a "production dispute" on the set and almost came to blows. Washington (Dr. Brook) said their faces were too pretty so they didnt got to a fight.