Saturday, May 14, 2011

All About Alex!

Happy Saturday! 
 Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far.
Today was Alex's first T-ball practice & meeting of his team and coaches.  Luckily it didn't rain! :)

 He seemed to have fun, but today was alot of going over rules, safety, then taking turns hitting the ball and running........probably painful when you are 5.   As we get more into it I'm sure it will be more and more fun.
 And...this is a couple of months late, but I wanted to share a couple of pictures from Alex's "kid" party that we had at "Out of This World Pizza".  First of all, the cake.  We didn't really have a theme, so I just went with the space idea - that the pizza place already had going on.  I ended up getting the cake from Costco.  I was really happy with what they came up with - because I (of course) had to go off the menu (they didn't have anything space-ish).   I quickly sketched something out and added it to my order form. 
It was a TON of cake for way less than 1/4 sheet at other stores. 

I think they did a great job - don't you??

 Here are Malia and her friend Mia  - trying out some of the girl goodie bag treats.
 Here's Alex opening his cool wrestler guy.  Love the look on his friend's face as he checks it out!
Then, as soon as his party was over.......we headed to the beach for a few days on Spring Break!    Sometimes I wish I was 5 years old. :) 

How are you enjoying your weekend?  I think a trip to Costco is in my near future,
and then some vegetable garden planting.
:O) Linda

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