Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teacher's Gifts...A Month Late ;)

Well, here we are a month + since school has been out, and I'm just getting around to sharing the teacher gifts we made for Alex's preschool teachers. He has 2 teachers, and they each received a hand towel with some fun embellishments:

(inspired by some fun Etsy shops). Along with a pack of handmade cards:We made the cards with some flower print art the kids created with pansies and a hammer. :) Here are both sets of goodies. Picture is kind of blurry. Looks like it's time for a new camera!And, here's Alex ready for his last day of school. :)Malia's Kindergarten teacher received similar gifts - but I missed the picture. Here she is on her last day of school, sans gift: We are about halfway into summer, and the kids are picking at each other like crazy. ARGH! Is is it just me? I love summer vacation......but this fighting is driving me N-U-T-S!
Happy Wednesday.
~Linda :)

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Kandi said...

It's just you, my kids are complete angels all the time... HA HA!!!

I LOVE the teacher gifts! You're so good about that, I didn't end up doing anything for the boys' teachers. :(