Monday, March 08, 2010

Skate World - A Birthday Party & Flashback...all in One!

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for my good friends Kandi & Chico's boys. Mateo turned 10 and Jaxon turned 7. Here is a picture of Jaxon (on the right). That's my other good friend Cindy's daughter on the left. :) And here is a picture of the old friends I mentioned above (and parents of the Mateo, Jaxon & Mackenzie - pictured above). That's Kandi on the left, Chico in the middle, and Cindy on the right. We have been friends for 25-30 years. Chico, Cindy & I even worked together at Taco Time. Good times....
Back to the story. We had a fun time at Skate World celebrating the boys' birthdays. It was the first time Malia & Alex had roller skated. They loved it!! Malia thinks she has now mastered it. Gotta love a confident child. ;)

We spent the first half of the party doing this with Alex......

And practicing in the little mini-rink area.

Malia practicing her "stopping technique":

Whew. Got it!

I did not skate......I have been traumatized by roller skating ever since I broke my wrist Skate World in 2nd grade. That was the end of my roller skating career. I apparently didn't learn the "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" mantra. :) And I have to say, the Skate World decor hasn't changed much in the past 30 years. lol.
Have a great night.................

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