Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween - the day in pictures

Happy November!

Hope you all had a safe & happy HALLOWEEN. I am tired. I had hoped the kids would sleep in today, especially with the time change. No luck. It's only 9am and I feel like I need a break. :)

Yesterday we went to a Halloween party at Malia's soccer coaches' house. It was a lot of fun - games, costume contest, treats, playing outside, a little Goosebumps show......then we came back home to have pizza and trick or treat in our own neighborhood.
Alex even won one of the costume contests!!! Here he is holding his plunder...a tub of cotton candy!
Here we are at home, pre-trick or treating:
Finally........we're off!
Here is the group...almost done!

Hope you all had it's on to Thanksgiving!

:) Linda


Kandi said...

The kids all look so cute! Love those sock-hop girls and what a handsome pirate! I haven't downloaded our pictures from the camera yet, hopefully tonight.

Wasn't the weather surprisingly great for trick-or-treating last night? Perfect!

Crystal Goostree said...

Those are too adorable! :)