Monday, April 21, 2008

My New Purse

Okay, not that this is big news.......but I thought I'd share my new purse. It's not something I would normally buy.....but figured now that I'm a SAHM, and not in the "corporate" world I could get away with it!

It's a little flashy & maybe has too much "bling"....but it's fun! (It looks pink, but is technically "Lilac"). Malia loves it and thinks it looks like a "princess purse"....which may be my first clue that I'm too old for this. OH WELL! :) She could barely wait for Alex to wake up so he could see the purse (he's 2).......and raced to show it to Rourke as soon as he walked in the door tonight. Such excitement here today......I had no idea anyone else would be so thrilled. came with a little coordinating make up bag.

Tell me......would you be embarrassed to carry this??

1 comment:

Kandi said...

Very cute Princess Linda!! Is this an Etsy find? I love it!!